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Aladdin Light Lifts

By:  |  September 3rd, 2009

Aladdin Light Lifts

I first discovered Aladdin Light Lifts late last year, on a project I quoted in December and finalized in January for a very nice lady in Texas. At the time, we did not carry Aladdin Lifts, so I had to special order them for her. The project was a renovation in an old mansion, and the lifts worked quite well for her. So it pleases me that now we can offer them up for all of you officially, in four different models, the ALL200, ALL300, ALL700, and ALL1000. These motorized light lifts make the task of cleaning or changes bulbs on high end chandeliers a breeze. If you paid $5,000.00 or more for an expensive crystal chandelier, for example, then shelling out another $1024.00 is not so bad if you wish to keep the chandelier clean on a regular basis, change bulbs, or even rotate it out for another one, for variety. Add up the costs of cleaning, electrical repairs, etc, over the course of a year or so, and the cost will be recouped. Over the lifetime of a chandelier, say 30 years or longer, the Aladdin Light Lifts pay for themselves many times over. If you have a $30,000.00 chandelier, chances are you own one already. If you are contemplating buying an expensive chandelier, large pendant lighting or even foyer lighting for high ceilings, it just makes sense to invest in one of these. With 35 feet up to 65 feet of cable, these lifts are suitable for every place from the Trump Towers to Windsor Castle. For chandeliers over 1000 pounds, custom units are available, made to order.

The Aladdin Light Lifts use a pulley system that gently raises and lowers the chandelier down to the height you wish, for all of those tasks that before need extension ladders. Three feet vertical access space is required for installing these, so bear that in mind. They are key locked, so they are quite safe. But still, no drinking and operating allowed! Slope ceiling adaptors are available as well.

So next time you need a chandelier for that Beverly Hills Mansion (or haunted mansion), throw in an Aladdin light lift. You will thank us a few years down the line.

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