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Kitchen Island Lights; Sintra
By:  |  March 30th, 2011


Sintra 5-Lamp Kitchen Island Light

We have yet another new manufacturer

added to our illustrious lineup this week: stylICON. StylICON is a division of Thomas Lighting, a Philips company. The Sintra is a lovely Spanish Mediterranean chandelier that is ideal for those Spanish Stucco homes that dominate the Southern California countryside and this one in particular is perfecto for those high ceilings. The Sintra 5-Lamp Kitchen Island Light (product page: hangs down 120”, and measure 42” wide, so if you have a large dining room table in a Spanish Villa, then this chandelier is destined por su casa, también?

This lovely chandelier also features five amber goblets that are held by some amazing wrought iron frames, with enough chain to reach the serving table. Remember that scene in Zorro at Anthony Hopkins’ villa? This chandelier will remind you of that.