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Flora Rustic Lights by Murray Feiss

Flora Rustic Lights by Murray Feiss

Rustic lighting is all the rage when it comes to shabby chic home decor and Murray Feiss has their finger on the pulse of contemporary lighting whims. Flora, the newest light fixtures from this reputable company, demonstrate Feiss’ commitment to quality, creativity, and functionality. Featuring a playful, whimsical design and a chic Stardust finish, these modern candelabra fixtures will really take your breath away. Walking the line between tropical and rustic lighting, Flora is bright and elaborate and will certainly be the center of attention for guests.

The Flora family of lights includes a wall sconce that could easily double as invigorating bathroom lighting, a brilliant 3-light mini-chandelier fixture, and my favorite, the Flora 6-light chandelier. This beautiful rustic lighting fixture measures an impressive 25″ in diameter and 25″ high, so your living or dining room is sure to be washed in lovely brilliance if Flora is the centerpiece. The six candelabra bulbs have a definite traditional feel, but the golden ambiance created by Flora’s curling leaves and gentle curves is delightful, if a little difficult to define. Flora is an excellent design choice for modern homes longing for a little more playful, creative energy in their decor.

Flora Product Page:

Murray Feiss Flora Mini-Chandelier Light

Murray Feiss Flora Mini-Chandelier Light

Rustic Chandeliers; Bamboo
By:  |  October 22nd, 2009

Bamboo 5-Light Chandelier

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They used a quarterstaff.
On the Spanish plains inside their canes
They hide their ruddy swords.
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Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang

Everybody who was alive in the 1960’s in the USA has probably heard that tune at least once in their lives, and if you haven’t, then check it out. Not that is has anything at all to do with this Kalco lighting fixture or their newest offering in their rustic chandeliers collection, but you got to admit, it makes a good lead in. The Bamboo Five Light Chandelier (product page: uses faux bamboo along with leaves and wrappings over sold iron construction to create a tropical chandelier that would fit in places from Kona to Camp Pendleton. This fixture measures 22″ diameter by 24″ high, and is made to order. It is perfect for your rumpus room, or other casual setting, while you kick back and dig Dick Van Dyke’s dance moves, or any other hoofer from that bygone era.

Everything's better with a Kalco lamp

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